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Redesigned. Rechargeable. Remarkable

The new Apple Accessories. Redesigned. Rechargeable. Remarkable. A new Magic Keyboard. A new Magic Mouse 2 and a new Magic Trackpad 2.
These new products were released with the new iMac I have covered in another post. 
These new accessories are now rechargeable with a lightning connector. Paired with the new iMac they all work great together.
These following things (including the image) are taken from the Apple website. Credit goes to them.
Magic Keyboard Redesigned with a lower profile and increased stability that makes typing with precision a breeze.
Magic Mouse 2 A new design gives our Multi-Touch mouse a solid build and a smoother glide for quality you can feel.
Magic Trackpad 2 Now with Force Touch technology that lets you press a little deeper on a larger, click-anywhere surface — and do a lot more.

Retina. Now in colossal and ginormous.

Apple releases new iMac - 21.5-inch with 4K display. Retina. Now in colossal and ginormous. A new iMac was quietly released by Apple yesterday. The new iMac is 21.5 inches and with a stunning Retina 4K display. Now Apple says this will be great to see the 4K video you are now shooting on your new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
Just like the other iMacs this one is just 5mm at it's edge. The new iMac also delivers up to 3TB Fusion Drive, Apple's amazing drive which delivers amazing speed, performance and storage as well. It also has up to 3.7 teraflops of graphics compute power and up to 4.0ghz of quad-core I7 processor.

I am also going to talk about the new Apple Accessories in another post.



Dear viewers,

We are sorry for the last post on the iBlog. It has turned out that the pictures were not appearing on your screen no matter what device you were using.

I ensure you this will not occur again.

<<This has been fixed>>


The new iOS 9 keyboard shortcuts

I am sorry for being a bit late I this one. But in iOS 9, Apple has made enhancements when you attach a physical keyboard. There are now shortcuts for the keyboard on the iPad.

At any time if you forget, hold down the command key to see this:

In mail- these are the shortcuts

In notes - 

In Safari- 

In Contacts - 

When you press command and tab, you get an app switcher - 

Rahul Image sources -

The iPhone 6S is starting at Rs.62,000 in India

Just 6 more days until the iPhone 6S comes to India. I cannot wait. Also, Apple confirms that it's base price is going to be Rs.62,000
That is around 9000 rupees more that the iPhone 6.

Remembering Steve

Remembering Steve Steve Jobs, the co-founder and ex-ceo of Apple passed away 4 years ago today. We honor him and miss him more and more every day that passes.
Tim Cook (current CEO) has honored him also on Twitter as well.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to arrive in India on October 16th

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus - The only thing that has changed is everything The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is the best iPhone to date. It is also the most advanced iPhone Apple has ever made. It is off to a great first weekend making it the best weekend ever for iPhone.
The iPhone 6S is supposed to arrive in India on October 16th. This article I saw on the Apple News app in iOS 9.
I am waiting for it and cannot wait. Hopefully other Apple Users are also waiting and are as eager as I am right now.
Will always keep you updated. Rahul

Check out the features of the iPhone 6S on my other post -
The Only thing that has changed is everything!