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Apple files application to open retail stores in India...

Yes, you saw the title. And it is true, Apple filed application top open retail stores in India.

Apple has filed an application with India's department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) to build their own retail stores here, in India. India Times reported on Wednesday.

With this, they are also going to start selling their products online.

"We have just received Apple's proposal." said DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant "We are examining it"

The reason Apple hadn't made this move before is that the government just relaxed their stringent rules regarding foreign direct investment.

So, technology companies like Apple had to cut deals with other authorized resellers to sell their products in India.

iOS 9.3 : A better experience every day. And night.

Apple is releasing it's iOS betas faster than ever. Even though iOS 9.2.1 is not out for users, it's already pushed out the next iOS beta. iOS 9.3.

iOS 9.3 includes some fantastic new features, including a better experience for your eyes at night, a revamped Health app and much much more. Let's take a look at Night Shift for now...

Night Shift

Ever hurt your eyes because of the white bright screen of your phone at night? No more, no Night Shift can change the color of the screen to a cooler blue or a warmer yellow.

It can have great impacts on your eyes. You can Schedule the Night Shift as well.

Night Shift only works on 64-bit Apple devices:
iPhone - iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus iPad - iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro iPod Touch - iPod Touch 6th generation

iPhone 7: Rumor round up

Every September , Apple announces the next generation iPhone. We are far from from it, but what might we get?

iPhone 7

 The biggest thing everyone is talking about is that the new iPhone will not have a headphone jack, and will be replaced by an all in one lighting connector( Apple's charging port ).   This not only allows the next iPhone to be a full mm thinner but also delivers better and higher resolution audio.    People also point out that the new iPhine 7 Plus might come in a massive 256 GB configuration.

iPhone 6c

 There are trusted sources claiming that Apple will release a cheaper, lower cost iPhone around March, or at least before the iPhone 7.  It will be called the iPhone 6c. It will have a plastic rear shell, a 4 inch display rather than 4.7 or 5.5 and an Apple A9 processor thT is in the iPhone 6s that was announced in September 2015. Apple might announce a new iPad Air 3 and an Apple Watch 2 along side it in March.