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Going beyond words...

COMING SOON...Going beyond words...  As WWDC fades into the history, iBlog still hasn't posted about all the announcements. This is because there is so much to cover, that it isn't easy to write so much. But we've come up with a solution to this: videos.
With big announcements, we will upload video reviews on what's changed instead of typing. This is easier for you and for us.
But if this idea doesn't work very well, we will not use this idea.

Apple announces tvOS.

tvOS 10 - Smarter Siri, Single Sign-On, Dark Mode and more... Siri Siri can now search for more specific topics. For example, you can now say "Show me movies about about time travel." Or "Find documentaries about architecture". More importantly, it can now search youtube. Hence you can say "Search Youtube for parrots that sing opera".
Siri can now control your house lights etc. You can say "Turn on my Bedroom lights".

Single Sign-On Isn't it irritating signing in with a user name and password in each app. Now you don't, all the apps are linked to your Apple ID. Hence you don't have to type the user name and password for each app.
You can now change your appearance from a dark theme to a light theme. So at night, the screen doesn't strain your eyes.
Updates to Apps In music, the interface is completely change…

Apple announces watchOS 3.

watchOS 3 - Instant Launch and more... watchOS 3 improves performance and improves the user experience.

Earlier, when you click the side button under the Digital Crown, it used to bring up your favorite people list. Now, it brings up the the dock. It contains a list of your favorite apps, which you have control of.

Many people like to change their watch faces, and now it's easier than ever. You can just swipe from edge to edge to switch watch faces. While you swipe through, you might see some new ones.

watchOS 3 also improves performance, now the app launch times are 7x faster than watchOS 2.

A major part of Apple Watch is fitness. Now in the activity app, you can have shared activity rings, so you can compete against your friends.
But there's more, a new app called - Breathe.

Breathe lets you breathe in and out for a minute. While doing this, you can either look at your watch or look away. If you choose to look at your watch, a flower will keep blooming and becoming small ag…

Learn more about your device: Reset the Dock on OS X...

After customizing the dock a lot, you might think the dock is too cluttered and you wish it was the way it was when you bought you Mac. A simple Terminal command does exactly that.

Procedure: 1. Open Terminal                   2. Type the following command and hit enter defaults delete; killall Dock You will notice the dock goes away and comes back the way it was originally.

What to expect at WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016 is tomorrow. Before you get too excited, there might not be everything you might be wanting to be announced. But there might be products that you weren't expecting.

macOS The latest version of OS X, El Capitan, is great. Tomorrow, we are expecting the next version of OS X to receive a name change to macOS. This is to be in line with the other products like iOS, tvOS and watchOS. The next version of macOS will receive Siri. An evidence is that Siri referenced 'Finder'. When you say "Open Settings in a window", without referencing  the word Finder at all, Siri looks for an app named 'Finder'. As Finder is the File Manager App of OS X, this proves Siri is coming to the Mac.
iOS 10 The next version of iOS is the 10th version. We are expecting a huge overhaul for Siri and Apple Music. As Google announced The Google Assistant at Google I/O, it leaves Siri in the dust. As Apple Music's interface is very complicated and the 'Connect' tab is…

Learn more about your device: How to Markup an image in Mail...

Description: In Mail, you can attach an image and then annotate or draw on it to get your point across more clearly.

With Markup, you can do all kinds of things. For example, add a signature to the image, draw and annotate on it to get your point across more clearly and also add text and shapes to the image.

This will help you in your everyday mail.

System Requirements:

iOS Version: 9.0 and above
Device: Any iOS device compatible with iOS 9

Image: iDownloadBlog (Link)


New schedule for iBlog...

New Schedule for iBlog... Even though there was a long break of posts, the views kept coming in. This leads to a new schedule for iBlog:
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, there will be at least one new post. This is great for you to keep up to date on the news that happened throughout the week.
Sometimes, there might be striking new news during the week, in the case of which the post will be put up on the blog then and there. 
This new schedule is great for you all and me. Get ready!