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40 Years. Believe it or not.

Apple turns 40 years old.

Yesterday, Apple turned 40 years old. It's hard to believe a company started in a garage by 2 college students,  later became the biggest company of all time.

All look back. At The big things.

Macintosh - The Macintosh was the first BIG product from Apple. It was announced in the Flint Center, incredibly close to the Cupertino Campus. It was announced on January 24th, 1984. It was the first ever computer to feature a graphical UI and made the mouse big.

iPod - The iPod changed the Music Industry. Even if it might not have a huge place today, it was the biggest thing ever back in the day. It was announced in Apple's own Campus in October of 2001.

iPhone - 'The Phone that has changed phones forever.'. It's true. Today we wouldn't see touch screen phones all around us if the iPhone didn't come. It was announced at Macworld in January of 2007.

iPad - When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, he said it was the product in between the laptop and the smartphone. The perfect device for reading the web, e-mails, watching movies, videos, TV-Shows etc. It introduced a new category it the industry, called 'Tablets.' It was introduced in January of 2010.

Apple Watch - Although the Apple Watch did not do as well as Apple intended it to, I think it will become a big success once the next version is released. Recently, Apple Watch had received a price cut, from $349 to $299. It was a smart move. This could also mean a new version is coming soon...

40 Years in 40 Seconds.

At the beginning of the March 21 Apple Event, Apple showed a short 40 second video reflecting on the previous 40 years.


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